What to do in Sharm el Sheikh

With a growing number of resorts and hotels in Sharm el Sheikh and more people, therefore, deciding to spend their vacation there it makes sense to know in advance some of the main tourist attractions and things to do before you even travel there.

What follows are just five things that you really should look at doing during your stay; however, there are clearly a whole host of other activities and places to check out whilst staying there.

Kitesurfing in Sharm el Sheikh
If you are looking for something that is quite adventurous to do during your stay, then how about hanging on to a kite whilst on a surfboard? This is something that has certainly gained in popularity in the area and there are courses available for beginners so if you are brave enough, then have a go and see if you can master both sea and air.

Diving in the Red Sea
It goes without saying that you really must try diving in the Red Sea and perhaps the best place for you to visit is the Ras Mohamed National Park where you can check out simply thousands of different species of fish as well as a wide range of coral. It also gives you the opportunity to try some snorkeling if full on diving is not something that appeals to you.

Tented hospitality in the desert and a camel safari
If you would prefer to do something that is a bit more romantic, then consider going on a trip into the desert so you can enjoy some local hospitality in a traditional tent and experience being on a camel. Here you will be wined and dined and if you do this at night, then you will be amazed at the stars on show and your hosts will be able to tell you all about them and explain how important they have been in this area for thousands of years.

Sunrise on Mount Sinai
If you are an early riser, then you really should try to experience the beauty of sunrise from Mount Sinai. This experience can only really be described as being quite moving as the valley is flooded by a range of colors that will leap out at you from your vantage point on top of the mountain. Do note that you need to be reasonably fit to get there on time.

Glass bottom boat cruise
If you prefer to keep your feet dry, then a perfect way to explore the water is by going on a boat that has been especially adapted to include a glass bottom so you can see what lies below you. This will open your eyes to the wealth of marine life that does exist and with the cruise only generally taking around ninety minutes to complete it is an ideal way to spend part of a day.

So those are just five things that you may wish to do when staying in a resort in Sharm el Sheikh, but there are a number of other activities that are just as popular as the ones listed here. It should also be added that some people will go on day trips to Cairo when staying here, but do check out the prices well in advance as there can be a huge difference in what you pay depending upon who you book with so there is a chance of being ripped off if you are not careful.

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