Top Family Attractions in Egypt

Home to year-round sunshine, stunning white beaches, crystal clear warm waters and historical sites, Egypt is a memorable holiday destination for the young and the old.

Why Choose Egypt?

An abundance of family fun is to be experienced in Egypt. Families can explore the desert to marvel at the sand dunes, share the sights of the stunning national parks, cruise down the River Nile, go snorkelling in the warm waters of the Red Sea, and delight in the adventures to be had in the many theme parks.

Top Family Attractions in Egypt

Cairo Giza Zoo and Garden

Families can enjoy the array of bird watching opportunities offered in Cairo, particularly in Giza Zoo. Here, families will find free roaming and caged birds, including Nile Valley Sunbirds.

Crazy Water Aqua Park

This water park located in the desert is where families can spend their day surfing in the wave pool and riding the water slides. The park is the perfect place in which to cool off from the heat of the sun. A video arcade and lounging chairs are available for those who wish not to get wet.

Dream Park

Home to over 600 stores, two indoor theme parks and a 21-screen cinema, Dream Park is among the best equipped malls Egypt has to offer. Parents can drop their children off at Magic Galaxy and enjoy a leisurely shopping experience in the knowledge that their children are riding roller coasters and playing video games.

Giza Camel Rides

Camel rides are a must for families visiting Egypt for the first time. The Giza plateau is the ideal place to take a camel ride in the proximity of the Pyramids.

Sunken City Snorkelling

When holidaying in Egypt, a peek at the Sunken City is a must. Kids will enjoy observing the region’s fish species.

Best Ways to Get Around Egypt

The Egyptian State Railway covers the whole of the Nile Valley right down to Aswan, the Red Sea cities, and the Delta and Northern Coast cities. Around half a dozen trains are in operation on the main routes during the day. Fares are inexpensive, rendering the railway great for use by families. Air- conditioned buses are also in operation and link the majority of the Egyptian cities.

Families who choose to hire a rental car will provide themselves with great freedom while on holiday in Egypt. While the streets of the main cities are often congested, the highways are tranquil. Car rental agencies offer their services through many of the most popular hotels in Egypt and at Egypt’s main airports. Adults must be a minimum of 25 years of age to be able to rent vehicles in Egypt. Families may wish to check out car hire compare websites to find the best deals on rental cars.

Those who wish not to use the public transportation system or hire their own vehicle can take an Egyptian taxi. Metered taxis, identified by their orange license plates, are to be found lined up outside the main hotels.

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