Top attractions in Egypt

Egypt is endowed with a myriad of tourist attraction sites, monuments and grand resorts. From ancient towns to grandiose pyramids and museums, holidays in Egypt are a mash up of magic, mystery and pleasure. It is a world of wonder that will provide you with pure escapism. Away from the magic and mysteries, the dazzling Riviera on the red sea with their turquoise waters are quite rejuvenating. There are more than just a few must see sights in Egypt, conspicuously among them being: the karnak temples, Luxor, st. Simeons monastery in Aswan, Abu Simbel and museums, pyramids and sphinx in Cairo. Activity Holidays from Explore offer trips to these highlights.

Located in southern Egypt, Luxor town is considered to be one of the world largest open air museums. Now a modern city, it houses the ruins of temples and lies in the vicinity of several monuments and tombs. The city lies on one side of the river Nile across the valley of kings and queens. Formerly known as Thebes, Luxor was the capital of the new kingdom of Egypt well known as a centre of art, religion, political supremacy, luxury and high social status. The town has a rich history of wars and buildings most of them built by pharaohs. Buildings such as the hypostyle hall, mummification museums and the Luxor temples are the main attractions. Tourist’s arrivals in the thousands are evidence of the stature of this city as a world renowned tourist attraction.

Karnak temple
The Karnak temple complex is a vast mix of ancient and decaying temples pylons and chapels. It was built in the Ptolemaic and middle kingdom periods. The area was used as the main worship center of the eighteenth dynasty. It is part of the city of Thebes. With several temples and sanctuaries this city is a vas open air museum. The precinct of Amun-re in the Karnak also harbors the hypostyle hall. Apart from the temples and sanctuaries Karnak is also dotted with several statues.

St Simeon’s monastery
Known as deir anba sim’an, the monastery is one of the main attractions in the Aswan area. The ruins of the monastery are usually accessed by a camel ride. Formerly known as anba hatre by coptics and Arabs, it was renamed to st. Simeon by travelers and archaeologists. Its naming has a rich historical background just as its ancient buildings. Among its main attractions are the monastery ruins, paintings and pottery kilns located in the southern area of the monastery.

Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel in Nubia houses two large temples. Originally carved out of a mountain side, the twin temples form part of the UNESCO heritage site called the Nubian mountains. The temple was built during the reign of Ramesses and was completed after 20 years. Due to flooding threats the temple was relocated to a higher ground 65 meters off the original location. Among its main attractions are the statues of king Ramesses.

Cairo pyramids, museums and sphinx
The pyramids and sphinx at Giza make some of Cairo’s most attractive sites. With a heritage of over 6000 years, the museums and pyramids in Cairo are full of antiquities with several attractions such as the tomb of Tutankhamen. Among the attractions also include magnificent citadels that are quite a sight for tourists.

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