Top 10 Places to visit in Egypt

10 Great Places to Visit in Egypt.

Abu Simbel has two rock temples carved into the mountains, with massive statues of Ramsees the Great that are an instantly recognizable symbol of Egypt. Visit on October or February 21 and see a marvelous phenomenon: the sunlight fills the Great Temple, illuminating everything but Ptah, a god of the underworld. While in the area visit Philae Island and its temple to the goddess Isis.

Alexandria is a beautiful summer resort today, but is filled with history as well. Visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which is an imitation of the famous ancient Library of Alexandria, and see other sites from Egyptian, Greek and Roman history!

Cairo, the capital, has the beautiful “medieval” district full of historic mosques, churches and other structures that are great examples of Egyptian and Islamic architecture. Also check out the Egyptian Museum, home of 120,000 precious artifacts!

Edfu Temple is perhaps the best preserved temple, in part due to its late construction around 237-57 BCE. It was dedicated to Horus, god of the sky and kings, who the ethnically Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty combined with Apollo. This is the closest you can feel to being in ancient Egypt!

Giza is the home of the Great Pyramid, the largest pyramid in Egypt and the last surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the World. Giza also holds the Sphinx and more of the oldest monuments in the country. These are must-see attractions for any visitor!

Luxor, once called Thebes, is like an open museum within a modern city. Its ancient Karnak temples are the main attraction, and across the Nile you can find the famous Valleys of the Kings and Queens, where numerous ancient Pharaohs and their families were buried (including King Tut).

The Nile provides a variety of fun opportunities. Take a cruise on a felucca, which can last a few days or more than a week. You will have a fun time and see some beautiful countryside.

The Red Sea is not only filled with history, it is full of beautiful coral reefs and exotic marine life. Recreational diving is quite popular, and the beaches are great for anyone who wants to relax after catching those international flights. Check out Hurghada or other great resort towns.

Saqqara has the oldest Egyptian pyramids, including the Step Pyramid of Djoser. These pyramids did not turn out the way their builder, the brilliant polymath Imhotep, intended, but allow us to see the evolution of this famous architectural design. Other temples and monuments exist at this site for you to explore.

Siwa Oasis is a lesser-known location: an oasis town with a unique Berber culture and language, as well as great natural beauty. Enjoy their hot springs and soak in some of the local flavor for an experience you won’t get in the rest of the country.

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