Tips for saving money during an Egypt tour

Egypt is a fun filled destination and traveling here can be a little expensive and this can also dampen the amount of fun you have on your trip. Holiday travel expenses can be contemptible and high airfares can burn a hole in your pocket, so make sure you do a little research before getting your plane tickets done and save big for the rest of your trip. With a little creativity, sacrifice and determination, you can cut down on your expenses while holidaying in Egypt and help feed your piggy bank. There are a variety of things that you can do on your trip to Egypt and save money, read down to know more about them.

Low Airfares – The biggest way to save money on your holiday travel to Egypt is by planning your trip well in advance and picking up the best deal that covers all your needs. Be flexible with your travel dates and try flying during the week as then you tend to get low airfares as compared to weekends. One method is to book months in advance if you know the exact date and time of your travel.

Cheap Accommodation – Once you have arrived in Egypt aim at saving on lodging, find a comfortable and inexpensive room that suits all your requirements and yet fits in your budget. Top hotels found in Egypt offering cheap rates are Days Inn Egypt Airport, Knights Inn Egypt, Economy Inn, Super 8 Egypt and much more.

Free Activities – Every city has museums and monuments that offer free admission and provide a lot of knowledge and entertainment.

Plan your meals – Find economical restaurants that offer great food as eating out during a trip can be very expensive. One way to help cut down on the food expenses is to pack your own food, trust us a lot of people do this.

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