Seven Attractions to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most popular African travel destinations.  Rich in history and culture, millions of tourists from all over the world visit this area each year.  A trip to Egypt may not be as expensive as one would think; there are many cheap holiday packages that include stops in Egypt, or even an entire holiday in Egypt.  With many options, destinations and packages, Egypt can fit a wide range of vacation budgets.

While in Egypt there are several places you will not want to miss.  One of them is the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphynx.  Whether you know anything about architecture, or you are an architectural pro, you will appreciate what is considered one of the greatest architectural feats by man.  This site is actually one of the last surviving Seven Wonders of the World.  It is also one of the world’s oldest tourist attractions.

Next to the Pyramids of Giza you will find Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel consists of two temples that were built for Ramessess II.  Tourists have been coming here since Victorian times. There is a daily sound and light show here, as well as the Abu Simbel Festival which takes place every year in February and October.

No trip to Egypt would be complete without a visit to The Nile River.  It is recommended that you take a Felucca, like a sail boat, down the Nile.  There are short and long cruises; sunset cruises, day tour cruises and even extended ten day cruises, all depending on the type of experience you are looking for.   Feluccas were designed in ancient Egypt and are therefore an integral part of any holiday to Egypt.

The Valley of the Kings, also known as Biban El Moluk, is an ancient burial site for pharaohs.  Here they hoped to meet the Gods in the afterlife.  Tutankhamen’s Tomb is also located at this site.  Tourists are allowed inside the tombs.  The best times to explore the tombs are the Egyptian winter months of November through March.

In order to see the treasures the Tutankhamen was buried with, you must travel to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  This museum contains more than 120,000 artifacts, including mummies, pottery, sarcophagi, and jewelry. Some of King Tutankhamen’s treasures on display here are his socks, and a death-mask made of pure gold.

The Luxor Temple is another staple of an Egyptian vacation.  This temple was built around 1400BC. The temple was built in celebration of the festival of Opet, though it has been a place of worship for Christians and Muslims.  A great time to see the temple is at sunset, and at night when it is lit up.

Finally, Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most sought after vacation destinations.  Here you can enjoy some relaxing time on the beach, or snorkel or dive among the coral reefs.  It is said that some of the world’s clearest waters exist at Hurghada. Diving is very popular here and there are many diving schools and diving companies. Several different colorful species of fish also call Hurghada home.  Hurghada is located on over 10 miles of beach.  Much like other beach tourist areas, Hurghada has hotels, nightclubs and restaurants.

With so many different things to see and do in Egypt, you will not want to miss an opportunity to vacation in this ancient country.  Whether you enjoy a historic vacation, a relaxing beach vacation, or vacations that include learning opportunities, Egypt is the holiday place for you.  Cheap holiday packages to Egypt allow a vacation here on many different budgets.  Book your Egyptian holiday today.

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