Anyone who wants cultural experience for their holiday? With a year – round sunshine, beautiful beaches, vibrant coral reefs and some of the world’s most important historical sites, holidays to Egypt are something very special. You can plan your holiday to Egypt without sweating on fare prices. Travel with lowcostholidays.com and purchase cheap flights to suit your budget.

A country which needs no introduction, pyramids, pharaohs, mummies but it can turn out to be quite a good place for a beach holiday. It has been a leading destination for British tourist for over ten years because of its beaches, great night outs experience and breath – taking scuba diving.

If you are looking for more cultural experience on your holiday to Egypt, you must visit the historical cities of Luxor, Cairo and Giza. There are some amazing sights on Egypt, such as the Valley of the Kings and the incredible Great Pyramid of Giza, which is the last remaining wonder of the ancient world. Also see the spectacular Sphinx and many ancient tombs. Don’t miss a trip on the River Nile and the best way to appreciate it is by cruising down it on one of our all-inclusive Nile Cruises.

When to Go?
It is really hot in Egypt when it is summer which is during September to October. So, if you are not so into heat then you might want to visit on winter season which is between October and May. Check out http://www.lowcostholidays.com/egypt-holidays.htm for their best flights on your schedule to visit Egypt.

What to Eat?
Everywhere you go, food is cheap. There is a wide array of cuisines that you can take part.

After Eating?
Try to go to Shisha bars, you can experience smoking flavoured tobacco through water pipes. Discos are inside the ships of Nile alongside boulevard with belly dancing authenticity as one of Egypt’s culture.

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This leading travel agent will give you some tips on things important information to remember:

Bottled Water – Only drink bottled water, even brushing your teeth use bottled water.
Remember the numbers 122 as this is Egypt’s emergency services contact number
Sun Cream – cover up during midday and keep putting sun cream because Egypt is very hot
Taxi – Negotiate on the fare first before getting in to the taxi, although taxi is the best way to get around
Language – Most of the big resorts’ staff speaks English, so just remember a few local phrases to be friendly to locals.
Tip – Tip generously, it is an integral part of Egyptian culture.

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