Egypt Attractions – Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Egypt

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Egypt, also referred to as the gift of Nile would not have been what its without the beautiful river. It is with its power and presence that the residents have figured out means of living, food and shelter, and to harness the resources of this beautiful country now. The oldest legacy of the country for which it is the most known, its pyramids are a traveler’s delight to visit. Read on to know the list of 5 must go to places in Egypt.

1. The Valley Of Kings

Situated on the banks of the city, Luxor, the Valley of Kings is also called the Biban el Moluk. It has about 62 tombs that have been discovered here of which one, which is probably the most known is Tutankhamen. A few more tombs have been discovered only recently, but none as important that could pull in a lot of eye balls. It is one of the most visited places in Egypt and has a strong cultural connect. The tombs leave you in an awe and are a perfect day out for people who like to spend capturing things in their cameras worth remembering.

2. The Red Sea Coast

For the crazy adventurers who look for adrenaline rush everywhere you head to, the red sea coast has a lot to offer. The mineral sea, which is famous for its coral reefs has a lot of watersports on offer. Snorkelling in the crystal and pristine waters here is an experience of a lifetime. There are also the infamous glass bottom boat tours that give you a tete-a-tete feel with the coral reefs and beautifully colored fishes. WHile touring the place, heading off to one of the offshore islands is a complete MUST.

3. Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple, supposed to be built over a span of a whopping 1300 years, is a massive architectural complex that is encompassed of 3 different temples, namely Mut, Amun and Khonsu. The Hypostyle Room present in the temple of Amun is the most impressive structure and the beauty startles you.

4.The Pyramids and the Pyramid of Giza

Egypt would lose its identity if it weren’t for the pyramids that define the country. The biggest crowd pullers, the pyramids’ structures are state of the art. Discovered over a hundred of them, the 3 most famous ones are the Cheops, Khefren and Mikerinos. Their strength and structural abilities are supreme and everlasting and instill an inquisitiveness on how advanced the times were in terms of building them up.

The Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world is situated in the city of Cairo. This 481 foot tall structure cannot be described in words and one has to see it to feel the goosebumps run over your skin thinking of the capabilities their ancestors had.

5. The Temples of Abu Simbel

Travelling 80 kilometers from Sudan brings you to the beautiful temples of Abu Simbel. DIrectly built into the mountains, they are very near by to the river Nile. The attraction while entering these temples are the 4 gigantic stone figures of Ramses II.

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