Diving in Sharm el Sheikh

Situated on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh offers visitors a diverse and spectacular range of diving opportunities that are among the best in the world. Featuring some of the most famous wrecks in the Red Sea and the incredible and renowned Ras Mohammed Marine Park, diving in Sharm el Sheikh has earned this region of the Red Sea an enviable status among tourists.

It isn’t difficult to determine why Sharm el Sheikh has grown so popular among tourists in the last decade. Suspended between the Red Sea and the Sinai Mountains, Sharm el Sheikh has some of the most gorgeous stretches of pristine beaches in the world. Add to the mix clear blue skies and warm sea temperatures and you begin to realise why thousands of tourists flock to this area of Egypt each year. However, Sharm el Sheikh’s main attractions lurk beneath the rippling surface of the Red Sea.

Sharm el Sheikh possesses some of the premier diving locations in the Red Sea and the varied corals and marine life continues to draw millions of divers from all around the globe to this popular tourist spot. At some points the coral comes to just 1 metre from the surface and waders and snorkelers can view a dazzling array of marine life from the safety of shallow water.

Perhaps the most famous diving site at Sharm el Sheikh is the Ras Mohammed Marine Park, which attracts schools of experienced and novice divers each year. Located where the Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet at the top of the Sinai, the strong currents and nutrient waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park provides one of the world’s most spectacular underwater paradises and is teeming with varied marine life. From pink dotty-backs to orange six-spot groupers, striped butterfly fish and silvery jacks, to the schools of snappers being stalked by barracudas and the occasional oceanic white tip shark, the coastal line surrounding Sharm el Sheikh provides a kaleidoscope of marine animals through crystal clear waters.

Experienced divers can organise trips into the depths of the Strait of Tiran, famous for four large reefs that rise from the abyss like a vast submerged mountain range. Here there is a plethora of reef and deep sea species that are attracted to the dense plankton and strong currents and divers can witness passing manta rays and eagle rays, turtles and sharks. The Strait of Tiran is also famous for its abundant fish life and astonishing coral formations and divers can be entertained by unparalleled examples of hard and soft corals and huge schools of bat fish, snappers and jacks passing by.

There are numerous diving companies in and around Sharm el Sheikh that cater for both experienced and novice divers that ensure that all your specific diving requirements are met. And with over 250 different coral reefs and over a thousand species of fish, the marine life at Sharm el Sheikh is some of the most diverse, abundant and colourful in the world.

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