Make Egypt Travel Plans Beforehand and Enjoy

Egypt is not Singapore you can traverse and enjoy in a couple of days. It is a vast land. It is also chaotic at times and if you do not plan, you might become frustrated, give it all up and go elsewhere. That need not be the case if you make Egypt travel plans beforehand […] Read more »

Amazing Natural Sites In Egypt

You’ll almost certainly remember school history lessons about the great temples and pyramids of Egypt. You might even have heard about the bustling markets and bazaars in this fascinating part of the world. However, there is a wild side to Egypt, which is definitely worth exploring during the course of your Holidays. You could even […] Read more »

All Inclusive Egypt Holidays Are as Popular as Ever with Budget Conscious Travellers

Egypt has attracted visitors for much of its long history; Herodotus, the father of history, travelled through Egypt in the 5th century BC, and Julius Caesar took a pleasure cruise up the Nile on Cleopatra’s royal yacht. From Renaissance explorers and Victorian treasure-hunters to today’s budget-conscious traveller, people from around the world have always found […] Read more »

Top Luxury Resorts in Egypt

Perhaps nowhere on Earth is the traveler presented with such an array of stark beauty, cultural significance and a vast wealth of history. Egypt has been a destination of wonders for millennia and each successive generation finds new things to appreciate in this old and glorious land. Here are five of the most luxurious hotels […] Read more »

Taking a holiday in the wonder of Egypt

One of the things everybody imagines about Egypt is the hot sun and the ancient treasures it provides. But in fact there is much more to savour in the land of history and culture. There is plenty to do for those who love to go on an adventure holiday, by coral reef diving or just […] Read more »