The Traveler’s Guide To Building The Ultimate First Aid Kit

Whether you’re building libraries in Zambia or adventuring around Madrid, any trip warrants a first aid kit. While it’s hardly the sexiest of travel topics, having basic first aid items on hand can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major catastrophe. Here’s how to build a travel first aid kit for maximum health and […] Read more »

Insider Tips For A Trip To Egypt

Egypt is a magical country. With so much culture, magnificent historical attractions and a wonderful year round climate it attracts visitors from all over the world. There are some magnificent resorts all over the country with a large cluster grouped along the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh. You can find some great deals on […] Read more »

Shopping Tips for Egypt

Egypt has been one of the most popular destinations for travellers for many years, especially those from European Countries. There are many reasons why holidays to Egypt are so popular with tourists. The country benefits from having year round sunshine and a very warm and dry climate. The most popular times for visitors are throughout […] Read more »

Plan Your Vacation to Egypt

Most people think of Pyramids when they hear the word Egypt. The pyramids are magnificent pieces of architecture, but there are several other great sites to see in Egypt. Millions of people vacation in Egypt every year. Besides the pyramids, Egypt has the seas and deserts to explore. While you are in Egypt, you can […] Read more »

Egypt Attractions – Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Egypt

[sphinx by schnetler75, on Flickr] Egypt, also referred to as the gift of Nile would not have been what its without the beautiful river. It is with its power and presence that the residents have figured out means of living, food and shelter, and to harness the resources of this beautiful country now. The oldest […] Read more »

Top attractions in Egypt

Egypt is endowed with a myriad of tourist attraction sites, monuments and grand resorts. From ancient towns to grandiose pyramids and museums, holidays in Egypt are a mash up of magic, mystery and pleasure. It is a world of wonder that will provide you with pure escapism. Away from the magic and mysteries, the dazzling […] Read more »