Amazing Natural Sites In Egypt

You’ll almost certainly remember school history lessons about the great temples and pyramids of Egypt. You might even have heard about the bustling markets and bazaars in this fascinating part of the world. However, there is a wild side to Egypt, which is definitely worth exploring during the course of your Holidays. You could even start off by visiting some of the natural sites highlighted in this article.

Agiba Beach

This white sand beach is situated along the Mediterranean coastline, just a short distance from the city of Masra Matrouh. You are encouraged to come and take a look at the mysteriously shaped cliffs and revel in the Egyptian sun. You might even be tempted to take a scuba diving trip to one of the interesting local sites. Finish up the day with a glass of mango juice while watching the sunset.

The Coloured Canyon

If you’re a keen rock climber then it would be worth scheduling a trip to the coloured canyon as part of your holidays in Egypt. You might well be taken aback by the scale of the red, magenta and gold rocks of this place in Sinai. Some stand 40 metres tall and are not worth clambering about on unless you’re wearing the right gear. After exploring this site you may be treated to an authentic Egyptian lunch with the local Bedouin people.

Oasis Of Siwa

If you have an interest in Egyptian history then it would be worth taking a guided tour of this splendid natural site. Located right next to the Great Sand Sea, this place was visited by Alexander The Great in 331 BC. It was also the death place of some 50,000 Persian soldiers. After learning about the history you may like to sample some of the locally produced olive oil with some delicious
Eesh baladi bread. Alternatively you could make a splash in Cleopatra’s famous pool.

Jackson Reef

There are numerous opportunities for diving trips from the popular coastal resort of Sharm El Sheikh. However, Jackson Reef really stands out as an underwater environment of outstanding beauty. You might like to have a look around the hull of the Million Hope ship, which sunk in 1996. Then continue to the multicoloured reef, where shark, barracuda and jacks can be seen.

Ras Mohamed

The fishy fun can continue with a guided underwater tour of Ras Mohammed Reefs. You could even be swept along by the current on a drift dive. Along the way you can expect to encounter a wide variety of pelagic and schooling fish. There might even be time for a swim through the caves of Jackfish Alley. Alternatively you can stick to the safety of dry land and visit the Abu Tig marina.

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