7 tours you could take while in Egypt

Seven Amazing Tours In Egypt
Your trip to Egypt will be an awe inspiring encounter as you’ll have the opportunity to view ancient relics, experience the country’s unique culture and add world traveler to your list of personal achievements. With affordable student flights, you’ll be on your way to visit the Holy Land. Once you’ve arrived to Egypt, there are a number of tours that you’ll enjoy. The top seven include:

The Pyramids of Giza

Your first trip to Egypt must include a tour of the pyramids. In fact, they are so incredible that you may wish to view them every time you visit Egypt. The pyramids are the oldest recorded structures manufactured by mankind. The pyramids are surrounded by mystery, and when you view the ancient structures, you’ll be amazed by their assembly, size and impeccable creation.

The Great Sphinx

When you choose to tour the pyramids, be sure to save time for The Great Sphinx. As one of most familiar structures in Egypt, you’ll be delighted to revisit its image on your computer screen after you’ve downloaded your pictures at home. The statue’s construction from soft sandstone is causing it to erode quickly. Fortunately, the monument was buried in the sand for long durations, which protected it, and left it there for you to see.

A Tour of Luxor

With the nickname “world’s biggest open air museum,” a tour of Luxor is a thrilling site. The area features about a third of the planet’s most valuable monuments and ancient artifacts. You can view sites such as the Karnak Temple, The Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings along with Deir El-Bahri, the Valley of the Queens and Deir El-Medina, which includes the workers village.

The Karnak Temple

As the largest Temple in the World, the Karnak Temple is breathtaking in its ancient enormity. The site also features the Great Temple of Amon Ra, The lpt Temple, The Temple of Khonso, The Temple of Montho and the Temple of the God Osiris, which will give you plenty of picture taking opportunities.

The Egyptian Museum

The museum presents an estimated 120,000 ancient artifacts, and curators have stated that several hundred thousand antiquities remain in the museum’s vaults. When patrons tour the museum, they’ll appreciate the beauty of the ancient relics along with the extensive collection.

The Hanging Church

As the oldest religious structure in Old Cairo, a visit to the Hanging Church is an intriguing tour. The church’s construction over the remains of two ancient towers gave the building its name, and the site’s dedication was offered to The Virgin Mary and St. Dimiana. If you love ancient religious architecture, then you’ll be fascinated by the church’s history as it dates back to the 3rd and 4th century A.D.

The Museum of Memphis

It was King Narmar’s idea to begin the Memphis museum during the 1st Dynasty. The site features numerous carved statues, which are highly detailed and formed many years ago. The museum also presents granite coffins, commemorative tablets and a large statue to Ramses II along with an alabaster Sphinx.

With student flights, you’ll be able to experience the far away destination of Egypt where history is everywhere.

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